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Sprachcaffe Languages PLUS

Welcome to Sprachcaffe Malta, where learning English meets adventure! Our campus is not just a language school, it is an inspiring community of like-minded people from all over the world who come together to learn, grow, and have fun. We offer a wide range of English courses from Standard and Intensive courses to Business English, Exam Preparation, and Youth Programs, all taught by experienced and qualified teachers. A variety of accommodation options makes our unique campus.

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FELTOM accredited schools are rigorously tested across a number of criteria to make sure students learn English effectively in the best possible environment. FELTOM has done the hard work for you so you don’t have to – all that remains is for you to choose where you want to study.

Thomas, Germany

My name is Thomas and I’m from Germany. I went to Malta to study English grammar because I needed it. I stayed at Sprachcaffe for two weeks and I liked all my lessons. The school is a beautiful place for meeting people from other countries. I liked speaking with other students about jobs, food and everything. I’m very happy I found this place which has such a nice atmosphere. I know the teachers are very busy but they still give the best. I especially thank the teachers, Mark and Miriam for the lessons.

Yuliyan, Bulgaria

I heard about this school Sprachcaffe from a friend of mine and I called the agency in Bulgaria. A week later I was already in Malta. Before that I had never learned English. I started to study English at Sprachcaffe in Malta. Everything was perfectly organised, accommodation at the school, the environment for learning in the classroom, fantastic teaching methods of all the teachers without any stress. Based within Sprachcaffe there is also a bar / restaurant, there I spent a large part of my time. The staff prepared different types of games and parties each night, it was very fun. Here I met many different people from around the world and some of them I made very good friends with. I spent a very good time in Malta because I learned English and I was so happy. I love this place.

Kahina, Algeria

Combining courses and entertainment is not an easy thing. I have had different experiences in the past with language schools and I admit none of them satisfied me completely. However I am now convinced it is possible because I spent some months in the language school Sprachcaffe Malta and that was one of the best language experiences I ever had in my life. To start with, the location of school is convenient as it is surrounded by nature and is situated near general amenities like shops, banks, supermarkets, the beach…as well as the night-life center and public transport to go to other places in town. Furthermore the school architecture is unique, being settled in one of the former military bases from the British colonial period. The original building is very well preserved and the school facilities are adapted to an international language school. The building offers several well equipped and bright classrooms, a cafeteria where I spent many hours relaxing, eating and chatting with my classmates. The friendly atmosphere made me feel at home. To sum it up I recommend you to visit this school in Malta for some weeks or months, it’s like a paradise on Earth: you can improve your English level and live a great and unforgettable adventure at the same time.


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