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FELTOM (Federation of English Language Teaching Organisations in Malta) was founded in 1989 by 10 established English Language School who foresaw the potential of the ELT industry in Malta. It has since consistently taken the lead in shaping the landscape of English Language Education in Malta.

As a self-regulating, non-profit organisation, FELTOM's unwavering commitment lies in enhancing the standards of professionalism within the field of English language education. Historically, FELTOM has pioneered the formulation of ethical codes and nationally recognised service criteria, guaranteeing outstanding holistic experiences and maintenance of professional intergrity through meticulous adherence to these high benchmarks.


Mission Statement

FELTOM's objective is to set, improve, and ensure the maintenance of standards in, and direct the development of, all aspects and services which together constitute the requisites of an English language stay in Malta. It also aims to develop cooperation amongst licensed English Language Schools and strengthen the role of Malta as a destination for English language stays of quality.


Key activities we focus on


At FELTOM, we are deeply committed to ensuring academic excellence and addressing the holistic needs of our students.

By developing and implementing the FELTOM Accreditation Scheme, we maintain rigorous standards that meet and exceed students' needs, welfare, social and leisure activities' requirements.

This key initiative reflects our unwavering dedication to continuous improvement and the pursuit of educational excellence.



At the very core of FELTOM's mission lies the art of advocacy. It is one of our three pillars, and we are passionate about championing legislation and regulations that protect and advance the interests of our esteemed 15-member schools.

As FELTOM, we collaborate closely, with lawmakers, governmental organisations, international representatives and key players across various industries. Our dedicated efforts focus on crafting policies and intitiatives that foster the advancement and excellence of English Lanaguage Education. FELTOM is regarded as the premier advocacy federation known for its reliability and track record of successfully propelling the industry forward.

Notably, FELTOM played a game-changing role in establishing the world's first law that regulates English Language Schools. This groundbreaking achievement exemplifies our unwavering dedication to the growth of the English Language industry and our commitment to positioning Malta as a premier destination for quality language learning experiences.

Since its inception, FELTOM has advocated the development of the TEFL Sector in Malta, working closely with legislators and officials, including Government bodies, foreign agents and other industry stakeholders.

FELTOM introduced the world’s first law regulating English Language Schools.

FELTOM has, over the years, established itself as a valid lobby group whose interest is solely that of seeing the English Language industry grow further and of establishing Malta as a significant quality English Language destination.


Our all-ecompassing approach to increase the awareness of our products and services to interested parties covers an extensive array of initiatives that include:

    • Comprehensive marketing and promotion strategy
    • Engaging target audiences
    • Ongoing and intensive marketing campaigns 
    • Participation in significant international marketing fairs
    • Connecting and building relationships with international agents
    • Promoting FELTOM-accredited organisations
    • Producing informative editorials in leading industry publications
    • Contributing to professional development through workshops and conferences
    • Industry networking events
    • Positioning Malta as a safe, professional, and quality destination for English language learning
    • Commitment to excellence and continuous growth of the English Language industry
    • Providing unparalleled opportunities for students and educators


FELTOM’s Annual General Meeting, usually held in the first three months of the year, appoints a Board which is responsible for determining the policies and budgets of the Federation.

Rebecca Bonnici


Karl Farrugia Wismayer


Caroline Tissot

Chief Executive Officer

Coming Soon

Senior Executive Officer

Joe Aquilina

Board Member

Daniel Mangani

Board Member

Ingmar Albig

Board Member

Patricia Marshall

Board Member

Simon Mifsud

Board Member

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