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FELTOM Accreditation

An Introduction to the FELTOM Accreditation Scheme

FELTOM introduced its Accreditation Scheme in 2006,with the aim of establishing the pinnacle of quality for ELT schools and services in Malta.

The program, overseen by the FELTOM Accreditation Council, serves as a quality assurance initiative, in which English Language Schools undergo audits, to ensure their compliance with the standards set by FELTOM. In addition, the Council is also responsible for appointing qualified and impartial inspectors to conduct said audits for both main schools and annexes, and to determine the outcome of these observations.

FELTOM Accreditation Scheme Lifecycle

The Accreditation process which is held once every three years, with review visits happening in the interim period, establishes quality standards in six main areas, namely:

  • Leadership and Management;
  • Learning and Teaching;
  • Student Welfare, including Accommodation;
  • Premises and Facilities;
  • Recruitment of Learners;
  • Care of Minors.

FELTOM Accreditation Process

For schools to be accredited members of FELTOM, they must go through a rigorous application process, followed by inspections carried out by academic and educational professionals. By successfully completing the process, the schools not only commit to meeting and maintaining the required standards, but attain the prestigious FELTOM accreditation mark, which is a globally recognised mark of excellence within the ELT industry.

The Accreditation Scheme sets standards to ensure that:

Management will commit to ongoing enhancement and refinement for the benefit of students.

The delivery of courses and supplementary services, are meticulously crafted to elevate the student experience and maximise learning outcomes.

Student's security, well-being, access to information, and opportunities for social and leisure activities are appropriately catered for.

The environment, premises and learning resources support and enhance the studies of enrolled students.

All promotional content adheres to ethical standards and maintains accuracy and consistency.

Members maintain structures that efficiently facilitate the delivery of services to minor students, with a strong focus on ensuring their well-being and safety.

Benefits of Accreditation

FELTOM Accreditation is a significant achievement for language schools, and it comes with several key benefits:


Enhanced Reputation:

FELTOM Accreditation enhances the reputation of member schools both nationally and internationally which signals a commitment to students to providing a high standard of education.

Competitive Advantage:

Accrediated schools have a distinct advantage in a competitave market and can differentiate themselves from non-accredited competitors and attarct more students.

Access to Networks & Resources:

Accrediated schools gain access to a valuable network of professionals and resources within the FELTOM community giving opportunities for growth.

Increased Trust:

As schools achieve FELTOM Accreditation, the industry gains trust and credibility, making it more attractive to students and agents.

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FELTOM Accreditation Council

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