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Cavendish School of English

Cavendish School of English Malta, founded in 2012, is another successful example of the Cavendish School of English group, which has over 37 years of experience in English language training programs. The school adopts a family-run approach which provides all our international students with a friendly, caring, and safe environment. Located in the heart of the UNESCO world heritage city Valletta with its rich history, and safe and friendly surroundings, Valletta is an ideal home for the Cavendish School of English and its students. The language courses are designed to satisfy various needs of studies for both juniors and adults. The course will be, depending on the level of studies, of mixed nationalities; more than often, less than 15% of the same nationality are seen in the same classroom, which has given our international students the best opportunity to learn as well as making friends from all over the world. 


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