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Bels Malta

Study in St. Paul’s Bay, a vibrant coastal town blending history, culture, nature, and entertainment. BELS Malta is a certified English school for adults and juniors in this area, featuring modern facilities with spacious classrooms, interactive technology, and accessibility. The school offers a lively atmosphere, welcoming international students. It provides seasonal junior and year-round adult courses, allowing families to learn together. Accommodation options include residence, host-family, hotels, and private self-catering. Airport transfers and leisure programs are available.

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FELTOM accredited schools are rigorously tested across a number of criteria to make sure students learn English effectively in the best possible environment. FELTOM has done the hard work for you so you don’t have to – all that remains is for you to choose where you want to study.

Jefferson, Brazil

Throughout my time at BELS Malta, I was always able to count on everyone for my growth as a student. They helped me achieve my goals and develop the confidence necessary to communicate in English. I have lots of wonderful memories, happiness, and gratitude.


At We Are TOP we work hard to provide a high-quality service and counselling to our students and their families. All of this couldn’t be possible without one of our main partners in Malta: BELS Malta & Gozo. The expertise and innovative approach towards language studies has significant impact for our students who chose BELS.I believe that there are some key ingredients for us to represent a language school: Nationality Mix, application of technology, teachers background, accreditations and memberships, quality of their premises and last but not least a high level of performance of the administrative team. BELS has all these ingredients!

Laura Davies

My EFL career at BELS began Malta just over 5 years ago. It’s a friendly, open, owner-run school where everyone is made to feel a welcome member of the team. Teachers are encouraged to interact in one of the regular social events organised by the school, and discuss and exchange ideas with each other in one of the many in-house and external training events offered. For me in particular, with a primary teaching background, it’s very rewarding to work in such a professional environment with detailed appraisal and supervision systems, high-quality resources and the latest technology.


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