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FELTOM Accreditation

Being a FELTOM accredited English language school means having a seal of quality since all member schools must successfully pass a rigorous and stringent accreditation process. The Accreditation Scheme ensures that academic excellence is achieved and maintained. FELTOM also seeks to set quality standards in all other aspects related to learners’ stay in Malta which include students’ requirements for security, welfare, information and leisure. This key activity is FELTOM’s commitment to continuous improvement.

The Accreditation Scheme is a voluntary quality assurance scheme for providers of English Language Teaching (ELT) Services in Malta.

The Accreditation Scheme sets standards to ensure that:

  • The provision of courses and ancillary services operate to the benefit of students and in accordance with the Organisation’s publicity;
  • The environment, premises and learning resources support and enhance the studies of enrolled students;
  • Academic excellence is achieved and maintained;
  • Students’ requirements for security, welfare, information, social and leisure needs be adequately addressed;
  • A commitment to continuous improvement is made

Benefits of Accreditation

The FELTOM Accreditation Scheme has been established with the view of supporting the further development and growth of the ELT industry in Malta. The overall spirit of the scheme is one of continuous improvement on the road to seeking excellence and offers the following benefits:

Competitive Advantage and Improved Business Performance

Current and potential partners will recognise accredited organisations as those striving to adhere to and continually improve standards.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Customer needs will be better understood and fulfilled. Students studying with an accredited provider are assured of a level of service defined by the sector standards of the Accreditation Scheme.

Cooperation Between Member Schools

Access to market reports, events, trade missions and publicity opportunities limited to accredited organisations.

Enhanced Brand Reputation

The accredited organisation will manifest and be recognised as ensuring a commitment to meeting and maintaining quality standards through the use of the ‘FELTOM Accredited’ mark as a globally recognised mark of excellence in the ELT sector.