ELT In Malta

Located in the Mediterranean Sea, Malta not only boasts a millennial history which makes it a unique cultural melting pot but is also an enigmatic destination surrounded by clear seas and sandy beaches. Ours is a bilingual population, a fact that has further helped Malta established itself as the regional TEFL hub.

English language tuition is a fully-fledged industry with an established infrastructure guaranteeing the quality of all member schools, accommodation and learner welfare to ascertain that they are fully-accredited according to international standards.

Malta is also one of the safest countries in the world, with excellent proximities to all the main attractions and amenities. We bring support by offering outreach services for VISA requirements and as the accreditation council, FELTOM also has a learner complaints procedure in place that helps us address shortcomings and improve the overall service.

Above all, in Malta, we guarantee a unique and complete experience through the numerous social events organised purposely for learners