About Feltom

Quality Schools in a Quality Destination


The Federation of English Language Teaching Organisations Malta (FELTOM) was founded by ten established English language schools in 1989. FELTOM is a self-regulating, non-profit organisation, dedicated to promoting professionalism within the English language learning industry by setting and maintaining standards in every aspect of a language stay.

Since its inception, FELTOM has been a driving force in developing codes of conduct and national standards of service for its members, ensuring that such standards are monitored whilst maintaining a professional identity for its members.

“FELTOM’s main objective is to set, improve and ensure the maintenance of standards in all aspects of English language stays in Malta, to develop cooperation amongst licensed English Language Schools.”  James Perry (CEO)

FELTOM’s Key Activities Focus On:

Quality Assurance

Through the development and implementation of the FELTOM Accreditation Scheme, where academic excellence is achieved and maintained and students’ requirements for security, welfare, information, social and leisure are adequately addressed. This key activity is FELTOM’s commitment to continuous improvement.


One of the three main pillars of FELTOM’s Mission Statement, it is inherent in its operation to lobby and promote legislation and regulations that would seek to safeguard and put forward the interests of the Federation’s 20 member schools.

Since inception FELTOM has been on the forefront, advocating the development of the TEFL Sector in Malta, working closely with legislators and officials, including Government bodies, foreign agents and other industry stakeholders.

FELTOM was instrumental in the introduction of the worlds’ first law regulating English Language Schools.

FELTOM has over the years established itself as a valid lobby group whose interest is solely that of seeing the English Language industry grow further and of establishing Malta as a major quality English Language destination.

Marketing and Promotion

Our marketing and promotions plan covers a broad range of activities designed to inform and engage relevant audiences at key touch points.

FELTOM undertakes ongoing intensive marketing campaigns which include participation in some of the world’s most important international marketing fairs These fairs enable FELTOM to network and build relationships with international agents who are considering Malta as the preferred destination for their clients.

FELTOM works to promote Malta as a safe, professional, quality destination for English language learning whilst promoting the choice of FELTOM accredited organisations.

FELTOM has an active communications strategy, producing informative editorials on leading industry publications both locally and abroad. It also contributes to the development of teaching professionals through workshops and conferences as well as industry networking events.

Mission Statement

The objective of FELTOM is to set, improve, and ensure the maintenance of standards in, and direct the development of, all aspects and services which together constitute the requisites of an English language stay in Malta and to develop cooperation amongst licensed English Language Schools and strengthen the role of Malta as a destination for English language stays of quality.

FELTOM board

FELTOM’s Annual General Meeting, usually held in the first three months of the year, appoints a Board which is responsible for determining the policies and budgets of the Federation.


Sean Legault

Vice Chairman:

Rebecca Bonnici

Board Members:

Karl Farrugia Wismayer
Easy School of Languages

Alex Lancet

Joe Aquilina

Ian Scerri
English Language Academy


James Perry
Chief Executive Officer

Julie Davis
Accreditation Executive